Corporate Backgrounds

Fumiwa Technical Corp. was established in 1987 and its contributions to the technical collaboration with Japan on passive components and thermal fuse secured distribution rights for the company in the early years. Since then, Fumiwa has committed to the research and development related to SMD inductors (wirewound chip inductor) and has successfully developed specialized techniques for low temperature production of SMD inductors.In the future, Fumiwa will continue to excel in the exploration and development of various surface mount techniques for electronic components as well as the development of a diversified range of small-scale equipment to fulfill the needs of our clients.
Fully Automated Production Equipment
Fumiwa Technical Corp. utilizes fully automated production equipment to ensure the quality of products and the production efficiency. In addition, new techniques are developed to safeguard the enameled magnet wires from damage during the manufacturing process of the inductors to deliver quality products with enhanced stability.
Quality Control
Since its establishment, Fumiwa Technical Corp. is completely devoted to its primary purpose of supplying top quality products. We genuinely believe in the importance of quality control, therefore all personnel are required to undergo a series of specialized training prior to joining our QC department, which accounts for 15% of the total manpower in the company.
Major Certifications
RoHS Certification
Environmental impact is the foremost concern in sourcing materials for production at Fumiwa Technical Corp., where materials with hazardous environmental impacts are never accepted.
ISO 9001 Certification
Sound management practices and comprehensive process mechanisms implemented by Fumiwa Technical Corp. ensures the production and distribution of all products are in control at all times.