Molding Power Inductors

Molding Power Inductors (or choke coils, inductors, inductor coils, AC resistors, etc.) are components used to suppress high-frequency or low-frequency currents in the circuits of electronic components. The structure of the inductance choke is simple, only a soft magnet ring is wound with a specific number of turns of enameled wire; when the current flows through the inductance coil, the coil will generate an induced magnetic field, and the induced current generated by the induced magnetic field will suppress the current change; The function is to suppress unstable current and high-frequency noise, resist electromagnetic wave interference, etc., so that the electronic device can operate stably and prolong its life. Fumiwa's Molding Power Inductors and power choke coils can be used in PDAs, notebook computers, servers, battery-powered equipment, solid-state hard drives and other devices.