Power Inductors

Fumiwa’s Power inductors are the SMD (Surface-mount Device) type. It is a component that can mount directly onto a circuit board of electric units. Fumiwa has two major power inductor series at present. The FNR series covers the application of household electronic appliances such as digital TVs, DVDs, PCs, game consoles. The FHPC series on the other hand is built for battery-powered devices such as PDAs, notebooks, laptops, and more. Scroll down to learn more about our power inductors and feel free to leave an inquiry. The construction of an inductor is quite simple. It is essentially a wire conductor that is wound into a spiral coil. When an electric current passes through the coil (the inductor), a magnetic field is generated. Such a structure turns the electric energy into a magnetic one. A power system needs the power inductor to convert a given voltage into a required level. It either steps up or down the input voltage to be exact.